Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Here is a brief mention of *some* things I really like!

• Eyelet Lace (in any colour!)
• Halloween/Autumn Designs; love that orange/purple combination!
• Red Foxes
• Classic or Elegant Christmas (I prefer deep red to tomato red; Hunter green over lime green, and just about anything over snowmen!)
• I do so love chocolate, but am currently dieting, so please don't send me
tempting sweets! *drool*
• Buttons
• Smalls: Biscornu, scissor fobs, Needlerolls(thought I don't have any yet), pinkeeps
• Scissors!! I am completely mad for them! :D I also think that stitched scissors in designs are so charming.

Some Designers I like

• BlackBird Designs
• Homespun Elegance
• Prairie Schooler
• La-D-Da
• Birds of A Feather


• Quaker-Inspired Designs
• Sampler/Alphabet-having Designs


• Birds of a Feather linens in any count (36 is probably my favorite)
• PTP Relic (36 ct.)
• Silkweaver's Purely Primitive or Days Gone By.

• Primitive Bettys': Hallows Eve Pinkeep, My Favorite Kitten, 1857 Fall Sampler
• Prairie Schooler: Pumpkin Patch, December, Fall Fields
• Primitive Needle: Hallow Sampler
• Carriage House Samplings:That Sat. Eve Post Collection
• Little House Needleworks: Holly & Berries
• Praiseworthy Stitches: Hope, Thanks
• BlackBird Designs: June, September and October Stockings, Anniversaries: Snow Garden, Valentine, and March
• The Workbasket: Quakers Evens
• Shakespeare's Peddler: Keys
• Heartstring Samplery: I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm
• BoaF: Curious as a Cat, A Very Fine Sampler, Happy Hearts Sampler, Bloom Where You Are Planted.
• Plum Street Samplers: Elizabeth
• iStitch: Sew Many Keys
• Homespun Elegance: Joyous Heart Ornament, Autumn Time, Bountiful Autumn Bellpull, Spring Fling, Summer Patches, and "Olde Brass Buttons: Folk Art Cat, House, Hoppin' Hare.
• With Thy Needle & Thread: Gathering Acorns
• JBW: French Country Monogram Collection


• Coloured "binder" rings for keeping floss on for WiPs
• Kelmscott: Storklette scissors.

• CHS Alphabet: C is for Cat finished as a small.

Other Likes:
• Reading (Yup; I'm a bookworm Love whodunnits, and am always looking for "new" ones)
• Cats (Though I don't own one. I'd love to have a Russian Blue/Abyssinian/Devon Rex...the list keeps growing!)
• Teas and Herbal Tisanes
• Video Games (Yes, really! My dear boyfriend and I met on a social networking site for videogame fans almost 5 years ago!)
• Calligraphy, lettering, Classic Advertising with hand-draw letters.

• Crochet (and learning to knit a bit)
• Recently fell head over heels for penny rugs, so I'm liking prim cross stitch now, too.

Sorta Not-Likes:

• Lizzie Kate (But I love their little Halloween Quick-it!) Basically, I LOVE "cute" things, but don't often find the same things to be cute as the majority of people, lol!

• Snowmen (I prefer a more "Classic" or European image of Christmas. Edit: I've rec'd some snowmen I really love, though! ;)